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Does your HOA not have a newsletter?  If not don't worry,  you can send one of ours from our website.  We give monthly helpful tips on safety for your family and home.   We  encourage all of our HOA communities  to participate in our open forum over accident and danger prevention.  



Protecting Our Communities One At A Time

Safety is every community association’s priority.   We employ high visibility patrol vehicles that demonstrate a strong visible deterrence on your property. Our presence will deter and  eliminate the problems that are associated with stationary security.  Our mobile patrol security increases the productivity and efficiency of our officer's time on your property.   Our mobile patrols will be present on your property providing  a peace of mind..  We schedule random patrol tours to come to your property.  Our Mobile Patrol officers document everything that occurs on your property in real-time for proper transparency and accuracy.

All of our reports are cloud based and can be viewed 24/7  by all Board Members.  We are the only security company that brings on Board members to be part of our team.  This feature gives you the peace of mind knowing, that you are getting the  services that you are paying for.  

Click on the link below to view our cloud based reporting system that we use.  Our software will give you detailed documentation to help release your liability in critical situations.  Another great feature is that you will have analytical reports for all of your board meetings to view all of your monthly activity. 

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