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Are you a community looking to increase patrols due to a rise in criminal activity? Are you a business with a large footprint that requires building checks overnight? These are just examples of how our mobile patrol services can help with security. 

  • Nightly spot check business check patrols/safety checks 

  • Ensure doors and windows are secure 

  • Alarm Response 

  • Trespasser removal 

  • Secure and lockdown buildings  

  • Employee Escorts 

  • Vacation Checks 

  • Digital Incident Reports w/ Photos 

  • Marked patrol units for higher visibility 

  • 24/7/365 days a year  

Mobile Patrol Services are ideal for clients who desire high-visibility security patrols for large or small properties/businesses or residential communities.  We will ensure the security of all our clients.   Though they are working in marked patrol vehicles with overhead lights, our guards ensure they will also be visible on foot as well, as they make their rounds.  All doors, windows, and access points onto your property and building will be checked to ensure they are secure.  Our Patrol officers will work hand in hand with local, state, and federal authorities to ensure your property is always free of trespassers and unwanted guests.   As a client, you are able to observe their patrols in real-time during their tour via a mobile app we provide to you. 

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Mobile Spot Check Patrol Services

Keeping your Business safe, so you don't have to.

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