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Halloween Safety Tips for the Little Ones

A slight chill to the air means autumn is here. Halloween is just around the corner, which means our little pumkin heads will be out and about begging candy from friends and neighbors. Keep your munchkin safe this year with some helpful tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics:

For Trick-or-Treaters:

  • Plan costumes that are bright and reflective. If possible add some reflective tape to the ends of a cape or tail to aid visibility. If nothing else, a glow stick in the goody bags will help.

  • Take extra care with toy swords, canes, sticks, and other long implements that could hurt a child if he or she trips.

  • Masks should fit snugly and still allow for clear visibility. If not, face paint is a great option.

  • Kids under 12 should stick with an adult at all times. Have a discussion ahead of time about collecting candy from houses that only have lights on and decorations on the porch, or have other kids around them.

  • Make sure children know not to go into anyone’s house without you there.

  • For older goblins, plan the route out ahead of time and ask them to check-in frequently. Set a curfew.

  • Stay in well-lit areas that are familiar.

  • It’s tough, but explain to kids why it’s important not to eat any of the candy from strangers until it can be looked at closely under good light.

  • Remember to social distance and wear your mask at all times. Not even will it keep you safe, but it will also keep you nice and toasty.

Finally, take advantage of shopping malls, and gated communities that might be open to the public for trick-or-treats times. Chances are, security will be present at such events, the children will have a great time, and there’s less chance of anyone getting lost, or worse. Executive One Protection Security Guards are always available to watch over community events. They are friendly, unobtrusive, and help to make sure the evening remains fun for everyone.

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